Introducing New Workflow Integration Features And New Competencies

With more than 9 million job openings—the lasting effect of the Covid aftermath—hiring managers have massive challenges ahead of them, but the interviewing process shouldn’t be one of them.

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Take a look at the newest enhancements of the InterviewPath software.

  • New Guide Sharing. Sharing your customized interview guides with each interviewer is now more efficient than ever. In addition to sending interview guides via email, you can now directly copy the link to each interview guide and simply paste it into your applicant tracking system, your HR system, or a personalized email for seamless access across your organization.

Share Interview Guide Version
  • Disposition Labeling. Make smarter hiring choices with helpful functionality for labeling candidates by disposition. Interviewers can now easily indicate which candidates should move forward, be dismissed, or put on hold directly on their completed interview guides. Labels are even customizable to match your company’s preferred terminology.

Disposition Labeling
  • 3 New Competencies. InterviewPath offers 65 diverse competencies so you can easily measure the candidate skills most important to your company or specific job roles. Each of the following competencies consists of 25+ behavioral-based interview questions that can be included in any interview guide:

    • Working Remotely. Make sure you’re hiring disciplined, accountable, self-motivated employees who can thrive in a remote or hybrid work environment.

    • Remote Workforce Management. Determine who is cut out for leading remote or hybrid teams. These interview questions will help assess how effectively candidates for manager positions embrace flexibility, show empathy, set clear expectations, and prioritize results over activity.

    • Interviewing and Selection. Want to develop stronger teams? Hire better hiring managers. Assess a candidate’s willingness and ability to use a consistent, structured interview process.

Even More InterviewPath Enhancements Are On The Way...

Our customers provide ongoing feedback that we use to drive improvements and provide ongoing value. They’re the reason we do what we do! Be sure to keep an eye out for even more significant enhancements scheduled for release later this summer. You won’t want to miss what’s in store!

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