Time to Fill: An Absolutely Worthless Recruiting Metric!

By: Ron Bower

Time to fill: that magic recruiting measure we have convinced ourselves is the best way to determine the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts. It’s easy to measure, I will give you that. But it’s worthless. Measure your quality of hire. That’s all that matters!

Time to fill measures activity. Quality of hire measures results. Results matter. Activity is what we measure when we don’t know what else to measure. Results are what strategic-minded leaders measure.

Quality of hire, which I will define simply as a combination of how your new hire performs on the job and how long they stay, is an absolute game changer. Retaining high-performing employees is at the foundation of business success.

So, how do you make it happen?

You can improve your odds of making a quality hire when you hire for the unique competencies required of each of your positions. You must understand the critical competencies for success, ask meaningful interview questions, and have managers that are highly effective at assessing answers during the selection process. And if you need help with any of this critical infrastructure, check out how we can help.

You can fill jobs fast, with horrible candidates, all day long. Just remember to ask yourself - how does that help?