If You Want to Create a Culture of Accountability...HIRE PEOPLE THAT ARE ACCOUNTABLE!

By: Ron Bower

Need I say more? Well, maybe, just a little.

You can…

  • Set clear expectations for accountability
    Train all your managers how to create an accountable culture
  • Provide meaningful feedback on accountability
  • Coach bad behaviors out
  • Even fire those that choose not to be accountable

Go ahead. Enjoy the long and windy uphill road!

My idea is WAY easier…just hire people that wake up being accountable. Every. Single. Day.

Check out this solution if you need a simple, powerful, and ridiculously affordable way to ask the right interview questions to assess whether a candidate is accountable.

Accountability is consistently the most widely used competency among all our InterviewPath customers. And it should then not be a big surprise to learn that accountability is the competency we most often see being required in all interview guides within an organization. Clearly, these organizations have cracked the code on how to create a culture of accountability.

Better questions. Better fit. Better hire. And that’s how you begin the journey to creating a culture of accountability, improving your quality of hire, and minimizing the risk of a bad hire!