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And, did we mention is was ridiculously affordable? Our pricing model is simple: an annual unlimited use license, based on the number of employees in your organization. No set up fees and no seat licenses! No need to upgrade to leverage all the power of InterviewPath®... it’s all included!

I have 1–24 employees.

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Features & Benefits

One Product. All The Power!

Intuitive and easy to navigate user experience. Creating interview guides has never been easier!

68 competencies to choose from. We’ve got you covered from the shop floor to the board room.

2,171 interview questions and counting to support your culture’s interviewing style.

Dedicated space for confidential interview notes, guaranteeing your candidate’s privacy is secured.

Customizable instruction pages and the ability to co-brand guides with your logo.

Options to save, share, and edit interview guides. You’ll be an interviewing rock star in no time!

Easy sharing feature for seamless distribution to others (and fillable form options to save trees!)

Guidance for interviewers on how to assess an answer, making you, the interviewer, more prepared than ever.

Customer Testimonials

So Much Love!

Here’s what our customer have to say...
“It’s a great way for managers to develop new habits and thinking about how they hire talent. These guides are a great way to remind managers that the most important part of their job is selecting good talent.”
Debbie Kaput
Chief HR Officer, First Federal of Lakewood
“Doing one interview guide for an engineering role used to take me upwards of 40 minutes. Now, I can get an entire interview panel of guides created in under 10 minutes.”
Alison Hines
Recruiting Manager, Vitamix
“We’re asking better questions, so we’re having a better quality of interview than before. It has helped us make smarter and better hiring decisions, and we are creating a positive experience for candidates.”
Leah Chalet
COO, True Digital Communications
“InterviewPath gives our team an easy to follow, step by step guide. Even the most novice interviewer will feel comfortable utilizing InterviewPath. It is the easiest and most efficient way to help find the right talent the first time and enhance quality of hires.”
Derek Rader
Talent Acquisition Manager OhioGuidestone

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