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The power we provide you is based in our intuitive navigation, our robust proprietary competency model, and our expansive database of real-world thought-provoking interview questions.

We built you a product that we wanted to use, a product we needed, and a product we wake up caring about every day!

HR professionals, hiring managers, and candidates all appreciate the InterviewPath experience. Your CFO will love the fact that InterviewPath is ridiculously affordable, your attorney will be giddy with excitement about your reduced legal risk, and your IT department will be thrilled to hear about our SaaS solution that is stable, secure, and GDPR compliant.

We regularly receive positive feedback from candidates about the organized approach and the fair and thoughtful questions that provide them opportunity to tell their story while gaining a clear understanding of the company culture and behaviors required for job success.

We are proud of the fact that 86% of our clients have renewed their annual license!

The majority of those that have renewed have taken advantage of the multiple year discount.

All Questions Are Not Created Equal

We have some pretty strong philosophical beliefs about what makes a great interview question. At its core we approach interviewing for results from a behavioral based interview question framework. We believe in thought-provoking questions that will give you meaningful insight into a candidate’s ability to do the job and be a cultural fit for your organization. Here’s what you will never find in our questions:

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Game Playing Questions
You know, like “how many basketballs fit in this room,” or “if you were an animal, what would you be and why?” Cute and worthless interview questions!
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Stress-Inducing Gotcha Questions
You’ve seen them in the movies and read about them on The Google. Leave them there. They have no place in a real world interview. Unless of course you are purposefully building a horrible culture.
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Illegal Questions
Interviews everywhere are sprinkled with questions that range from inappropriate, to unintentionally illegal, to blatantly and knowingly illegal. You won’t find any of those questions here!

Did You Know!?

The Cost of a Bad Hire

Finding top talent is hard. Hiring the wrong person is painful and expensive! As you consider your investment in InterviewPath, keep in mind the bottom-line impact of reducing your bad hires by even just one per year.

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Our Story

In The Beginning...

InterviewPath was built by recruiters for recruiters and hiring managers based on our collective real world experience. We firmly believed that we couldn’t be the only ones feeling the pain of manually creating interview guides, or worse...not having interview guides...

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