Our Story

From the desk of the founder...

After spending four hours one Saturday morning manually creating three unique interview guides for a client, I had had enough. There must be a better way! The reality was that I could not find a solution that was powerful enough to meet my ongoing needs, so I decided to go solve the problem that I knew was shared by many.

So, I rounded up a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology to create the competency model, a group of experienced recruiters and HR professionals to create the interview questions, a software developer that could bring it all to life, and two beta site organizations willing to kick the tires for us.

Our vision, from day one, is to create an intuitive, easy-to-use, and affordable SaaS solution to generate custom interview guides. To create a competency model that would meet the needs of all organizations and all jobs. To develop a large database of real-world questions that interviewers would actually use and would provide the insight necessary to assess a candidate’s fit for the job and the culture. Where the interview questions would be fair, thought provoking and experienced by candidates as more conversational and less as pre-employment assessment questions. With a never-ending desire to improve the quality of hire and minimize legal risk.

Our focus is to be a company that is easy to work with, more educator and problem solver than software company, and a collaborator with our clients to continually evolve and update our functionality to meet their changing needs. To always keep our ear to the ground, listen to our clients, and partner with them to build an even stronger solution.

Meet The Founder

Ron Bower is the founder and President of InterviewPath which was launched in 2017. He is also the Founder and President of the Brickpath Group, an HR consulting firm that he started in 2010 after escaping a 27-year career in corporate life. Ron and his wife Wendy are the proud parents of two off-the-payroll adult children (all four of which are beaming with pride Bobcats from Ohio University) and newly minted grandparents! When not obsessively working on his businesses, you can likely catch Ron standing as close to a concert stage as he can possibly get, cheering on his beloved Cleveland Browns and Indians, learning something new, or thinking big thoughts while hiking, biking, kayaking, or on a beach.

Ron Bower — Our Founder!