Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create an interview guide? expand_more
Most of our clients would say that they can create a guide in about one minute if they don’t do a lot of editing of the questions. On the higher end our clients report that it could take about ten minutes to create multiple guides when they are very intentional about editing questions and aligning questions to specific interviewers.
What is the minimum number of interview questions supporting each competency? expand_more
25. At the moment. Stay tuned, as we have team members creating new questions on a regular basis.
Do you provide template/suggested guides for specific positions? expand_more
Awesome question! Today no. Soon, yes! This feature will be included in our next upgrade. We will have more than a dozen template guides based on specific job functions, using the competencies most widely used by our clients for those roles.
Does InterviewPath® allow me to insert my own technical questions so that they are consolidated with the behavioral questions in the guide? expand_more
Happy to say that the answer is yes!
Which competency includes the most interview questions? expand_more
Cultural Intelligence includes over 60 questions, providing our clients a wide variety of topics to choose from to find the ones that resonate with their culture the most. On a semi-related note, many of our clients are using the questions from this competency to facilitate meaningful conversations among their existing employees to raise awareness and increase Cultural Intelligence.
What do you mean by unique interview guides? expand_more
When you select the option to create more than one guide, InterviewPath is designed in a way to never duplicate questions between those guides. So, you can have multiple interviewers asking a candidate about the same competencies, without the risk of asking the candidate the same question over and over. We are committed to doing our part to create a great candidate experience. By the way, you ask really good questions!
What is a behavioral based interview question? expand_more
These are questions designed in a way that require a candidate to provide an answer that describes a real-life personal work experience. This approach avoids questions that can be answered with a yes or no, or can be answered with a theoretical response. Research consistently shows that questions like this as part of a structured interview guide are noticeably more effective than unstructured interviews.
How else do your clients use the InterviewPath Competency Model? expand_more
In addition to using the model to create interview guides, our clients use the competency model to identify the competencies to create job descriptions and personal development plans. And, did we mention that the Competency Model is free? It is! No need to create your own, or go pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy a generic one.
Is there an option to print a .pdf version of the interview guide instead of using the fillable form version? expand_more
Yes! We do provide that option. Although, as you might imagine, the trees would prefer that you use the fillable form version.
What is the limit on the number of competencies I can select to assess a candidate during one interview? expand_more
We do limit the number of competencies to eight, although we would recommend that you try to stick to five or six. There are at least two problems with trying to choose more than eight. First, you are likely expecting a super human to do the job if you are expecting someone to be awesome at more competencies than eight. Hiring is hard enough without creating unrealistic expectations. And, think about how long your interview would be if you were asking two to three questions about nine or ten competencies. Do the math. You really don’t have that much time on your hands do you?
Is there a limit to the number of interview questions I can ask for each competency? expand_more
Yes, we do limit you to three questions per competency. The system will default to two questions and you can raise it to three or reduce it to one as your needs dictate. If you ever feel the need to ask more than three questions per competency in one interview, just stop! If you don’t have the insight you need about a candidate after three questions, then that is likely a sign that they are not the right candidate. And, imagine how long your interview would be if you asked three questions about eight different competencies! Most of our clients use two questions per competency and only use the second one when necessary.
What if I have a favorite interview question that I like to ask about a competency that is not in InterviewPath®? expand_more
Just let us know! If you have a legitimate behavioral based interview question, send it our way; and upon review and approval, we will add it to the database. We do this all the time. If you have an idea, and need help creating the exact wording, let us know and we will put our team of experts to work!
What if I have suggestions for future product functionality upgrades? expand_more
Another one of our favorite topics. Drop us a note and let’s talk. We are in a never-ending mode of listening to our clients and prioritizing our upgrades based on what you say you need…not what we guess you need!
How many employees do your clients typically have? expand_more
Our clients range from a marketing firm of around a dozen people to a larger software company and multiple manufacturing firms with thousands of employees around the world.
My organization is unique, will InterviewPath meet my needs? expand_more
We say absolutely yes! We designed this product to meet the needs of all types and sizes of organizations and all levels of jobs. Our clients have used our guides to hire employees from the shop floor in manufacturing to the President/CEO.
This all sounds awesome, but we also need training for our all of our managers on how to effectively (and legally) interview and select candidates, can you help? expand_more
Yes, we can. And we would enjoy the opportunity to talk to you about your specific needs. We have developed and delivered interviewing training for thousands of managers. Let’s discuss whether you need us to do the training, or whether you would rather utilize our train-the-trainer services; where we would provide you with the all the training materials and guidance you need to deliver the training on your own.
What happens if we have a competency we would like to use that is not included in InterviewPath? expand_more
Another great question…you are really good at this! Just ask. We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to enhance our competency model to meet their evolving needs. We typically add multiple competencies to our model every year at the request of our clients.
How do your product demos work and how long will it take? expand_more
We would suggest that we initially plan for 30 minutes. The demo itself will take about five minutes or so. The remainder of the time we can use to answer questions, discuss your interviewing processes, etc. Click on the handy link that you can find everywhere on this site and that will connect you to a Calendly online scheduling tool to match your availability with someone on our Client Success team and generate a calendar invite, including Zoom information. Simple!
Do you provide a discount for non-profits? expand_more
Yes. We are happy to say that we have many non-profit clients today and we would be happy to talk to you about a discount on an annual license based on your unique needs.
Do you have a seat license? expand_more
Nope. Not now. Not ever. You’re welcome!
How complicated is it to get through the purchasing process and get started using InterviewPath®? expand_more
This may be shocking if you have read through other parts of our website, but we make this simple too! Once you decide you want to move forward, let us know and we will provide you with a SaaS License Agreement to review and sign via DocuSign and an invoice for processing. Upon your approval of the agreement and payment, InterviewPath will initiate emails to each of your users providing a link from them to create their password. So easy!
Do you have reseller and/or referral partners? expand_more
We do, and we are actively looking to add more of the right organizations to our network. Let’s talk about how you can leverage the power of InterviewPath and generate additional revenue for you!
How many individual users can we have? expand_more
We do not limit the number of users you can have within your organization. Simple!
How many interview guides can I create each year? expand_more
There are no limits on the number of guides that you can create using InterviewPath. Powerful!
We are a staffing agency or HR Consulting business, how does your pricing work? expand_more
We do use a different pricing model for our clients that are in the staffing, executive search, and HR Consulting space. We have multiple clients in these sectors that leverage the power of InterviewPath to provide our guides to their clients as a value-added service. Let’s schedule time to talk live and discuss a pricing model that works for both of us.

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