Wordle and Recruiting are the Same Game

By: Ron Bower

Is it just me, or does recruiting in today’s world feel just like playing Wordle? Your first move is a complete shot in the dark. Sometimes you get it a little right, many times you’re way off, or you can absolutely experience a complete swing and a miss. And, once in 12,000+ tries, you get it perfect on the first try. Sound like recruiting? Or Wordle? You decide. (For the record, I’ve nailed a couple of searches on the first candidate presented. I still haven’t pulled that one out in Wordle.)

I know some folks whose strategy is to use the same initial move every time, and others who just look around the room and guess a move that feels right at that moment. Wait, am I talking about recruiting or Wordle?

Assuming your first move was a complete miss, which feels like it happens way more often than you would imagine, you try again with another wild-ass guess and see if you can get any closer. Occasionally you will get close, but usually, you’re still multiple steps away from a win. If luck is on your side, you may get a little closer, guess a couple of letters right, and maybe get a letter in the right place. I’m happy to report that I have completed Wordle in two tries on a couple of occasions. Once was pure luck, and another time was absolute skill. Sound familiar?

You get the idea - if you…

  • are playing Wordle right,

  • paying close attention,

  • using some well-thought-out strategy,

  • don’t mistakenly use a letter that has already been proven wrong,

  • and get a little lucky here and there,

- you can get a win in a couple of moves. Are you feeling it yet? Wordle and recruiting are the same game!

If you swing and miss six times in Wordle, they will tell you the correct answer. (This I know to be true). Unfortunately, in recruiting, no one hands you the right answer after repetitive misses. So, in that case, I guess sometimes Wordle and recruiting are not the same.

Although, I have yet to see anyone post on social media that they couldn’t get the Wordle word of the day. I have also never seen a search firm brag about not completing a search.

I stand by my premise.

If you want to improve your recruiting and selection skills, check out this awesome tool to simplify your life. If you need help with Wordle, you’re on your own!