Top 10 Most Used Competencies in 2022

By: Ron Bower

Data tells us a story. And today’s story focuses on what we see as the trends in the competencies being used by InterviewPath customers in their interviewing and selection process. Read on to see the top 10 competencies that were used the most across our customer base during 2022 and a few observations on the changes we’ve noticed over the last several years.

The number one competency in 2022 was Communication. While maybe not overly surprising on the surface, this is the first year that we have seen Communication top the list. Communication has always been in the top five, and we have been watching its move up the charts since the beginning of the pandemic. The need for effective Communication has become increasingly critical as we all maneuver through work from home and hybrid work arrangements. As our workplaces become more complex and face-to-face interaction is increasingly less likely, it is up to all of us to step up our Communication game.

Detail Orientation has consistently been a top five competency and holds strong this year as the second most used among our customers. Clearly, deetales madder!

This is the first year that we have seen Accountability drop out of the number one spot on our list, finishing up the year at number three. All indicators are that this competency will stay top five for quite some time. Admittedly, I can’t imagine a time when it would not be. As I meet with customers and talk about their culture and their employee engagement results, Accountability and Communication are almost always at the top of the list for needing improvement.

“If you want a culture of accountability, hire people that are accountable.” - Me

Here’s a complete look at the list of top 10 competencies:

1. Communication

2. Detail Orientation

3. Accountability

4. Organizational Skills

5. Critical Thinking

6. Initiative

7. Collaboration

8. Process Oriented

9. Drive for Results

10. Relations with Others

Any surprises for you?

If you are wondering, all 66 competencies offered by InterviewPath are used on a regular basis, including our most recent addition of Enterprise Mindset, allowing our customers to customize each of their interview guides to their specific jobs, cultures, and industries.