Stop Bragging About Your Selection Process While Crying the Blues About Your Bad Hires

By: Ron Bower

A recent conversation with a senior executive evolved into a braggable moment about how his leaders were awesome at “just having conversations” with candidates instead of having a “formal interview.”

I’ve heard it a thousand times. At least.

The conversation moved on to a few other topics, and then ten minutes later (as it quite often does), he began grumbling about the fact that he had to fire the “perfect” six-figure sales leader last week after just six months on the job…because they “just weren’t a good fit for the organization.” And, shockingly, he just couldn’t figure out why. Go figure!

When your hiring processes consistently work, then you can brag about it.

When you waste more money on one bad hire than it would cost to fix the problem, you should just get over yourself and accept that maybe there is a better way!

So, it’s time to stop crying the blues and just solve the problem by asking meaningful and thought-provoking interview questions.